Added Sample 2 - VR Locomotion - The Garden

This is the second Sample Demo involving the Hybrid Presence Systems.

Included is a small beautiful scene that focuses solely on the Hybrid Locomotion system,
allowing you to get an understanding of how much of an impact a natural feeling locomotion can have on the simplest of worlds in VR.

The Garden itself is just a small area with some physics obstacles and a waterfall that pushes a few objects around in the water.
You can walk or run around and just appreciate the environment.


Hybrid Experimental - Garden 51 MB
Jul 07, 2019

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Hi guys, hope you like the little scene I made for this sample.

I'm looking for some Feedback regarding primarily the Locomotion itself;
Does it feel natural enough to you, does it feel like it requires much effort?

Additionally Do you feel like having the ability to very quickly change and control your speed in this way is beneficial especially when compared with direct Joystick based "SmoothLoco"?

For Vive users and other non-Oculus users, I'd also really like to know if there were any issues getting this to run in SteamVR, the build should automatically run in SteamVR if Oculus isn't present and should have the controls work properly this time.

If the controls worked correctly for SteamVR users please let me know, as I'm using an experimental method for controls that is very easy for me to work with and should also handle all the little issues that I previously had with SteamVR versions of my games/demos.

Thank You.