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Hybrid Locomotion 2
Advanced locomotion for VR

Welcome to Hybrid Locomotion Garden 2

This is an advanced locomotion system that allows you to move around naturally in a VR world.

This system aims to expand on accessibility and allow players to traverse the environment with a focus on experiencing the world rather than a focus on just gaming.

How does it work?

There are currently 3 main modes and a number of options to play with.

Hybrid - Hybrid mode showcases the walk-in-place system coupled with a joystick direction, allowing for high fidelity control over player movement.
This is especially useful in a game scenario.

Accessibility - Accessibility simplifies Hybrid mode and is especially useful for seated play, it stills allows for fast and detailed control over movement direction and speed.

Exploration - This is a special concept for the system, utilising an average playspace as a way to direct movement coupled with the Hybrid walk-in-place to give full control without any game controllers!

Other options available in this demo allow for different methods of input, including one hand and two hand methods, and when using Exploration mode no controllers are needed at all.
I have also done some additional work on directionality of the joysticks, try out Hybrid direction!

Thank you for trying out this experiment.
Be sure to comment your experiences below.

If you like this project be sure to check out my stuff on YouTube!


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Hybrid Loco Garden - Oculus 58 MB


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when i tried to launch it it said windows protected your pc

Is there any chance i am able to try and recreate this locomotion type in neos vr at all?

Pretty awesome! Only gripe is that I accidentally clicked the 'exit' button thinking it meant 'exit the menu' - maybe call that button 'quit' next time... Also maybe some way to calibrate your speed for all the options. But overall, feels good.

I like the variety of locomotion options I think I like hybrid the best personally.

Is this for a game you are developing, or just research?

In any way: this is great!


This is the backend VR Rig and Locomotion system behind my physics game ProjectTX

It's also research in terms of directionality and accessibility.

Revive to the rescue.