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update this the update should do:

turn the character into physics tiiny

add more places

way more stuff to do

add zombies/multiplayer

and way more:(speaking of that can you realease odessy vr?)


Ok, maybe the dev could've mentioned it doesn't work for VIVE? Just a suggestion. So for anyone that wants to use it with the HTC VIVE, you can't. And the really helpful developer that updates this experience at least once every day has made absolutely sure we know before downloading the game that it doesn't work for vive. I would say amazing job!

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what a meatball ya im glad i read this thanks

update this game


is this for vive as well? it doesnt work for me.

wheres the hybird game?

yo if your bored and you open this game here are some fun challenges to try 

1. climbing all the way to the top of the castle

2. climb to the very top of the obstacle course without the checkpoints

3. speedrun the castle/obstacle course 

4. see how long you can chain pole vault for

5. climb the obstacle course by only pole vaulting (your allowed to stop at the checkpoint areas

6. correctly use the grappling hook

7.  do number 5 but with a ladder instead of a pole

8. only use one hand on castle/obstacle course

9.  only use the clothe hangers (where you slide down the zipline) to climb the castle/obstacle course

good luck and have fun   (number 5 8 and 9 are possible, painful but possible)

So want to try to implement this locomotion  in one of my projects, any news on release of the unity package? 

Not really considering it yet

what About Tiny Knights?

I've replaced the whole gameplay system to full ragdoll characters.

A Sandbox demo for the basic Tiny character control is on it's way soon.


I actually made it to the top of your castle! For anyone wondering, I would grab the same place with both hands and then I would move one controller up, and the other one down. I then let go of the top one, then quickly let go of the bottom one. Thanks to the physics, you'll be slingshot upwards.

That will no longer work on the newest build, since I've stabilised and slightly weakened the joints to be much more realistic,

You will need two hands and momentum just to even jump from ledge to ledge.

Hey, I would really like to try this but it doesn't seem to work for me.

I can't get the intro screen to go disappear. I can click through the arrows just fine, but it never goes away, and hitting the X closes the game. With the intro screen there, jumping works but I can't walk around at all. Any ideas?

Hey. I had this problem too, but all you need to do is simply press the menu button.

Feedback:  Video was super interesting.

I couldn't figure out how to get over ledges.  I kept throwing myself up in the air but had a lot of problems getting high enough or moving forward to actually land on something I was climbing.  Not sure how you were doing it in video, could not figure it out intuitively.   I never played climbey so if it's some method I was supposed to know from another game, I didn't know it. Maybe have ledges slide over the horizontal top a bit so it feels like you are dragging yourself onto it versus jumping  up at the end?  I kept feeling like I wanted to pull myself onto things but it didn't work.

Had to run a bit faster in place than I'd liked to reach top speed, slow speed from walking in place was too slow.  Got sweaty quickly lol.

Loved the pole vaulting mechanic, super cool.

On oculus, it feels wrong when the trigger is used to primarily grab things and not the grip button.  Just feels un-intuitive to me and breaks tradition from most games.

Jumping:  Unsure a good way to make this intuitive.  I found it triggering just walking if I kept the A button held, and I'd always land way before my character so it's not that immersive movement wise regardless.  I liked swinging my arm up method more than the actually jumping method.  Probably would have liked the A button just jumping for me honestly.  It's hard to remember to only hold a button right before you jump.  May as well just make the button jump.

Overall a lot of interesting and cool stuff going on here.  Keep up the good work.  

There's no method to climbing up ledges, it's normal physics, if throw yourself forward you move forward, you can use the analogue to move in air slightly. Half your body is a spring joint that acts as your legs, you can just slide over the ledge but you have to put the ledge low enough.

Just do what you would in real life to climb up something, you put your arms below you and crouch down to lift your legs up.

I don't think a lot of people understand what I'm domnstrating here, there are no game mechanics, I didn't program climbing, or pole vaulting, or rope swinging, these are just side effects of physically attached hands, all I did was make your hands attach things correctly to your character body, the rest just happens as a result.

About the running, there is no top speed, that's why jogging more vigorously results in faster movement. Walking is a problem, see my newest video for a glimpse of the hybrid system.

Jumping is something that confuses everybody, you don't have to jump off the ground at all, I'm literally just tiptoeing quickly, so when you say you're landing before the in game jump, well that's because you're lifting off the ground.

Using the Trigger to grab things was necessary, as it's preparing you for my actual game SLAYR, the grips control picking up and reloading weapons, while triggers just grab things naturally, can't use the fire trigger to pickup and drop a weapon.

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I will be updating it with some tweaks and Vive support. I don't activate Vive support at first because the controllers really aren't well designed for my control scheme, so I actually have to put in extra thought and work for those controllers. If they had buttons like Oculus it would be easy, but that's not the case.
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you can do it with the touchpad

I was able to get it to work with revive, and using the steam input re-mapper.

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Something else may be wrong, I was able to launch WOM.exe without using revive. It just didn't work with my vive.  Looks like the input re-mapper stuff is still in beta, you might have better luck switching your steam VR to beta. In your steam library right click SteamVR > Properties > Betas then select the beta in the dropdown. No guarantees

Guys, I think the problem is actually Unity's own Input system. I've swapped it out for OVR (Oculus' plugin) so I'm assuming this should fix ReVive problems. The game should run regardless, it's only input that won't. Even without a VR headset the game will load up, so if you're not getting the launcher then there's some other problem.
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is there a way you could be any more in depth on a way to get it working? a video maybe?