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Yeah, very good. Some UI don't fit to the game, but mechanics are pretty nice!

Hi, great game 😁👍. Seeing that I can't pay for the game and really wanted to support you, I put the link of your game in one of my video about this game.

But really it is too much fun to play.

And sorry for my English if it's badly translated, I'm from France.

I put the link of my channel because my video is released at 3:00 pm in France so I'll let you see, the title is "Je me suis BATTU avec des CHEVALIER ?! (sa ne c'est pas passer comme prévue🤕)" I put it in the original language for you to find better.

Good continuation.



also Nismo one good question. Will this game be on mac?

hey Nismo i think your game will be popular in the future is it already popular?

i can not get in to the game

i cant get it but i want i

im about to download tiny knights and I am already excited

i hit a guy with no shield and he raised his arm and it blocked not fair

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The game's great, and I cant wait till it's updated more


i know this was a month ago, but this author has not updated the game since first release.

Nice game i love it

Add VR akjbkjasdkjbaskdjb please

i agree

Please can you let us change the mouse sensitivety

Such a fun addictive game! my high score is 34

Are you still working on this game?


I love ie


i did a German video to the game 


When are you gonna update this... really, it's been like forever.

also, please stop doing VR, most of us don't even have a VR (if you do have a VR, you're lucky). Make the tinyopenworld open (not in VR) and update this game...

I know that you do so much work into making VR games... but sometimes, you have to think about the people who don't...


People should be free to make games for whatever platform/addon they want.


If he wants to get more people to play his game, he could go with the trend... (windows, first person, third person and more) .

It seems like he is going for the VR games... but his current game (Tubby super cat) seems pretty good, I'm not sure if he is working on tiny gta anymore.

MrSkeletal, your right he is free to make games like VR, but sometimes it gets annoying watching amazing VR games yet, I can't play them.

Deleted 4 years ago

how do you play


how do you play

I agree with below comment!!!


A realy good game but the other constestants are a little to agressive and the swarming thing is a bit much to handle and i feel like im using the sheild a little to much also maby instead of everybody trying to kill you the npcs fight each other to? Other wise a great time kill and a fun few round hiscore is 4. XD


Yeah, I left it truly aggressive.

The problem is that the AI doesn't fear for it's own life, it just randomly attacks and blocks.

When I rebuild this as I do with all my projects, the game will focus on accurate attacks (which it does in this version) and AI that actually thinks! :)

The current mode was intended as a gladiator arena, where you are the one attacked, everybody else is attacking.
There will be more modes in future including multiplayer (deathmatch and co-op)

Why no mac support?

Will super tubby cat be for Mac?

can you make a version for mac?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

could you outfit the game with that eauphoria style thing you'v been working on? You should really give priority to this because it could be a great game and It is the most fun of your games/demos!


That would require a complete rebuild to work well...

Which of course is what I intend to do anyway, this gameplay is not good enough in my opinion.

Also, if you're the real commentatron, how do you like my Drone Battle Skills in the Danger Zone?

not bad... not at all...


Dude seriously... There's an Edit button, and a Reply button.

Use one of those things please!


oh and im malaysia

I just Download and why not start.


so good


pls tell me how to start tiny knight pls ?


Just download and play.

It's a Windows game though, if you have Mac I don't know if you can emulate that.

i guess no Alzose232

Hi guys as soon as i saw dis game i was like oh diss look fun ima get it and its downloading but i got a question is there sandbox in it?.

It's just a one scene demo right now.

What you see on the videos is all there is, I have a lot of things to get done and no time at all so I can't update things as quickly as I want to be able to.

when will this be for mac?


how to start game tiny knight pls


Deleted 3 years ago

I have a few requests for a Discord, maybe I'll make one soon and let you know!

you ever gonna update this?

Working in VR right now... Got a lot to do.

It's on my waiting list, I promise I'll come back to it soon.

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