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How can i play this game

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like, i like it but cant you add some sound? and btw add an build mode and an ragdoll key and it must be f/r or both

ooo iamma try

hi creator, it would be good if you add maps water maps and things maps like the game :playform human dynamics and talking about this game! why dont you add water physics? 

How to play free on chromebook?

cant sorry unless you want to take the risks of losing your system you cant

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I finally found this after 2/3 years! ( THANK YOU ) :DD

si le dan a B ay menos gravedad

Gracias :), me sirvio mucho




add first person option

and an option to make the player have less physics or more physics 

Make Avatar Customiziable

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add a gun and add character customisation

is there multiplayer??

Mac OS please.

me gusto mucho porfavor sigan actualizandolo

very good i like it

the character looks like a smurf

i think that is what it is trying to b

Great game! Very cool! Make more ragdoll games!

Wow! I Like This Game Already Because I Like Ragdolls!

plz HELLP i cant down load as it has or is a virus plz fix i really want to play and add apo to make my own unity game 

guys I played this game with a ps4 controller all I needed to do was plug it in and boom I can play it with the controller

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wait no i just needed to plug it in and the joystick only works but not the buttons or triggers

Deleted 1 year ago

can you plz plz make a 32bit version of this gam

the gane no open how im fix it

this game is cancelled nimsony? 

i will never get tired of this game

this is AMAZING! its JUST LIKE human fall flat. I LOVE THIS GaMe!


           mm     (  ͡•   ʖ ͡• )    mm

i want to see a game that uses this ragdoll engine

All I see is a round smurf mate. I love it


they completely forgot about this game


Deleted 1 year ago

Add multiplayer pls and customisable  characters ^w^


can u make a v2



i've been following your development videos this us very cool! :D

Thanks, but check me out on the YouTube.

Great game. This is one of the first games i played, but i do wish for more updates to come.

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i cant run it on x86 system (my pc)

Same and if there is 32bit link I will be like



make a version for i phone please thank you

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