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Quest Release?

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This is really fun to play!!!


Quest Releases?


great demo. any progress with your game?

is this supported with the valve knuckles?

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what type of controler is required bc i tried to use virtual desktop to my quest and it didnt work jsyk any vr game needs full controler support not everybody will have the money to buy the controlers and your game (i get that its free atm)


doest work on rift 0/10


but I only have a Rift...

The only thing I can 100% guarantee it works perfectly on is Rift.

he is probs talking about the rift s cause my quest dont work and they have same controllers


hey i would love to test your demo and your futur game on oculus quest if you can't do that or can't afford a oculus quest i understand i will do my best to donate but can you give me response 

im not the dev but you would probably need virtual desktop bc the quest just isnt that powerful, i do hope the dev does add oculus controler support though so vr desktop players can use it

yes the quest is powerfull to run this just need some graphique optimisation


Youll see in another comment I made down here, but I tried the game today though Oculus Quest, Virtual Desktop and SteamVR. The game loaded and appears to be working, but Im unable to move forward. I tried every button and also just moving around IRL.

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Hi:) i was trying to play this on my quest using virtual desktop and streaming through steamVr, but the controls don't seem to be working... any thoughts?

Edit: I have full tracking capability but none of the buttons work:(

ps. im a really big fan LOL ive been watching your videos for a long time... seeya

Why are you using virtual desktop when Oculus link just came out?

I'm getting my quest in a view days and I would be interested if it works with Oculus link.

so if you could try that, that would be nice!

Let me know if oculus link works. I'm thinking of picking up the quest

Same I ordered mine in early December and it still didn't arrive.

I think they will ship new ones in a view weeks. So check if your store has some of them in stock.

yea I would love to try that... but first off, I don’t have enough money for it, as I am a teen. Second, I like to use my quest to the full capability and basically the reason it was made was so you could have *mobile* VR. And third, my GPU isn’t yet compatible for the oculus link. 

Ps. I very STRONGLY recommend virtual desktop... it has literally NO latency, despite what people say. You can use it without a cord as well. It is like the oculus link cable... buuut, better! And cheaper. 

Can relate to you! I saved almost one year and my parents just paid the rest.

I know that that virtual desktop would work good but I never heard it in person that it would work fflawlessly as you said.

And what GPU do you have cuz I'm kinda afraid that AMD wouldn't work so good.

I only have an AMD 200 series... sooo I can see why it wouldn’t be compatible. Either way u recommend virtual desktop since it is wireless

That might be an issue. But well since it's completely out of stock here in Austria we all have to wait until mid February anyway.

I guess my RX 580 is doing fine.

Wow. Impressed. Would be cool if weapons didn´t have infinity ammo so that you could reload.


Hi! I tested it on Index and it plays good enough. An update would be really cool, though, because grabbing things needs too much force with Index controllers.

More importantly: while I find the walk/sway/jogg really helpful, I got a bad headache after rotating using the right stick. I've stopped playing for an hour and it's still hurting. The angle is too big and too sudden when all the other movements are immersing me so well, so it's been a shock. It gets worse with Index: the stick also triggers the jump, so I get a rapid turn and a jump simultaneously. I think a progressive turn, or smaller angles, could help making it more natural.

I know how hard it is to implement locomotion, as it is different for every person, but I hope the feedback helps you make it better.


An update for Index would be really nice, this is a very impressive demo and I'd love having full fidelity with my knuckles to really appreciate it.


Can we please get index support

This is pretty much a small free version of Boneworks, which is why I fucking love it so much

Hey, nimSony.  i was wondering if you could make a Keyboard version of this? maybe xbox controller compatible?  I've been wanting to play this, but i couldn't get a VR headset.


is it possible to change the model of the zombies to make them more menacing?

Can you make weapons stronger? Killing the zombies make me feel weak. 

Hi, firstly I wanted to say you are awesome! Your passion for VR is clear from your videos / content. Thanks to you we all get to share in these amazing experiences you have created.

I have a few questions..

1) Will you be combining this with your new Presence system for upcoming tech demos? .. or just a Presence demo will be great :) If so, a third test chamber for 'Parkour' would be amazing - climbing and swinging around would be wicked good ;)

2) The enemies in this aren't so satisfying to beat up - they feel kinda 'floaty' yet dense, like they are made from metal. Any plans to update with better ones? What kind of enemies do you plan for your SLAYR FPS?

3) Is it possible to add gun holsters - One handed weapons can go down on the sides and a two handed weapon (AR or Katana) can go on the back - accessible by reaching over your back like in Robo Recall.

A lot of questions I know - I have a load more but will try to hold those in :)

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for one part that include enemies WHY DONT YOU USE A FRICKEN LIGHT SABER for the rest of your comment i agree hope nimso ny listens :)

did you just noticed your mario games got sued by nintendo?

No, and no.

The links have been removed and that's all. Most likely for the sake of Mario Odyssey VR as my fan work definitely conflicted with it.

so what does that mean?

are you discontinuing your odessy vr game D:

Hello Nim.. first great work on this hybrid syatem. . Also the testchamber is amazing... however i do have an issue. While in the oculus.exe  im experiencing  program crashes when any weapon is fired... moving around and jumping is fine..  keep up the good work. !!

Can you try the SteamVR version to see if it works. It should allow you to use your Touch controllers. I've not seen this issue before. Are you using Rift or RiftS?

will try steamvr again.. but think it did the same..   using RiftS ty

Hi Nim attempted the steamvr option. System would not cntr usin the menu button also the "enter test chamber" pedistal was not highlighed so was unable to check the firing.  My gpu is a 8gb rx580 . Hope my feedback helps.

Just checking, are you pressing Menu on your Touch Controllers?

In SteamVR it could be any of your buttons, it's the same button on either side, so it's either A and X or it's B and Y.

Hi Nimso! I tried to play this game today with the Oculus Quest, Touch Controllers and Virtual Desktop, then Steam VR. I wasnt able to move forward with any buttons pressed! Have you seen that?

controllers dont work in wmr. please consider the growing userbase of wmr. It is almost 12% of steamvr users now. thank you

Deleted 2 years ago
I've seen a few people with issues. One thing I have to say is that the best way should be to use the SteamVR version, however it is set up as a seated experience, I know this sounds a bit silly. The system only let me reset tracking center when I had it set to seated, very weird but that might be the height issue, though it doesn't make much sense. You might somehow have a way of overriding that, I doubt that is it but it may well be, if it is the tracking origin is at the player's head, if you're in room scale then the origin will be at the floor in the center of your play space, so you'll be a full human higher than the player in game. If you have more trouble with the SteamVR version and try it through Revive again see if it is somehow overriding the play space, it can't be set to room scale, that will cause the issue above, don't worry about changing it if you can, you still get your full tracking space regardless if whether it's set to roomscale mode or not, it's literally just a different origin point, has no affect on tracking space. If this isn't the issue please let me know what happens wheb you click the Reset button in the game, do you visibly see the reset happen, it should reposition your entire camera to the center of the menu and rotate you to face the button blocks, if this doesn't happen it should be a playspace mode issue because something is blocking it from doing the reset. If it does reorient but not position let me know, if it does both position and reorient you, tell me if it's higher or lower than it should be. Thanks, hope it fixes it.
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Vive user here, just wanted to give some feedback on this awesome demo! The performance was actually really good despite my somewhat low-spec hardware (GTX 1060), & I didn't have to turn any settings down. The running in place to go faster worked pretty naturally, though the characters legs stick out farther than where my real legs are. The Vive controllers didn't line up quite right. The in-game controller models were lower than the ones SteamVR shows, and the angle was tilted at about 20-30 degrees or so. For guns it wasn't so bad, but for swords it felt very wonky. This picture should hopefully show what I mean, despite the in-game Vive model not being 100% accurate (I think my real controller was a bit higher & tilted further downwards): Rifles were completely aimed with the trigger hand & weren't influenced by the fore-grip hand, & toggle-grip is definitely needed in order to comfortably & reliably hold things for prolonged periods of time.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun & everything you've made is shaping up to be very promising! Bursting through doors & taking down the reactive targets felt very much like a VR Hotline Miami, & that was my favorite part. Thanks for letting us play this, I look forward to what you achieve in the future!

It's great but guns handling doesn't feel right (Oculus). Like AKM doesn't point to where i want and it feels frustrating. Like your right hand is domimant in game physics or smth. Dunno but you have to look into that. All in all it's a great proof of concept. Looks like boneworks. Keep it up a good work.

2 hand holding uses a, sorry to say again, Hybrid system. It's a blend between your primary hand rotation and your secondary hand position. I found a few people highlighting this, it seems it's gone more towards primary hand than it should. I'll change the blend and it should be better.
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Please, for the love of god, make the Vive use grip toggle.

It hurts so much to hold down the grip buttons for more than 10 seconds.

EDIT: Also, please make the shells auto-remove after a while, they lag the game so much

I know, the Vive grabbing issue is a pain.

I didn't want to modify the grab system for that, because this is just a demo of the overall mechanics.

For grabbing weapons I am going to have sticky grips, even on Oculus, the reason being that I use the Grip button for reloading. So this will be fixed for you in the next build. Right now I didn't want to build a new unpolished system since converting to SteamVR caused a truck load of problems already.

Shells are limited to 20 per type, and they are spawned only when you start the game, they are always there. Once they stop moving they should have very minimal impact on processing including graphics since they vanish pretty quick at distance. I could possibly change the limit or give the option to change the bullet limit.

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For me, after shooting around for a bit, it lags so bad that resetting/changing test room doesn't even fix it. I have to restart the entire game. Once I never used guns through the whole thing, only the melee, and it never lagged once.

For the grip button, I think this clip should sum it up (skip to 3:34): 

This, combined with the fact that it's in an awkward place; it hurts when holding on for too long.

EDIT: added some details

You don't need any backup to prove to me that Vive controllers have a very bad button design.
I was saying that before they released.

Also, I learned a lot from that video, a lot more than just guns. :D Seen the video plenty of times.
Brandon be a man of genius.

You, Anton Hand, and the guys at SL0 are probably the best VR gun developers I've seen so far, keep it up

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This is really grate but my major issue is that the guns point to high with the vive witch makes it kinda hard to aim. 

the in game controllers arent lined up ether

If you would like some help with the alignment i would be glad to help


just don't download the steamvr version then?


I didn't update the Oculus version, I only added a SteamVR version.

Also, I only have an Oculus Rift, so making this I tested it on an Oculus with Touch controllers through SteamVR. So even the SteamVR version should work on Oculus.

i wait i found out a feature on so nvm

Deleted 4 years ago
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Howdy excellent demo, minor note with the steam vr version and vive controllers ...  When holding a gun or object the pitch is not lined up with where I  perceive it should be.   Moving the pitch down by probably about 15  or 20 degrees would make it feel more natural .  As an example when I hold out a pistol and hold the controller in a natural way that feels level the gun is actually pitched up and is not level in the game.  Now going back in,  Amazing stuff!

Alignment's a true pain for me since I don't have any Valve tracked equipment.

Do your real Vive controllers align to the in game Vive controllers?

I had to do some fakery to align things, but I matched up the controller models at the laser point in the menus. Basically the model aligns so that the Oculus model in SteamVR matches my Oculus Touch tracking.

I could try a second version with the orientation based on your comment and see if it feels right. Gotta rely entirely on feedback and that's a worrying scenario.

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will see if the controller matches  when I get home from work and will have my son hold a level to give you a better guess on the recommended pitch adjustment. My guess is that the controller does match, the problem is that that angle of the controller is shalow, so when applied to a gun you have to pitch your controller down further to make the gun level beyond what would be required with a real gun 

Steam vr version, I loaded it up and I am in the into area but can't get any further can not use trigger to get in to the menu per instruction 

Hold the menu button as per the info panel before clicking play.

It is about to be out

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Is Vive version almost done? For everyone on vive if you inject it with revive it should work I tried it and it worked pretty good

I'm uploading the SteamVR version now.

Hopefully it should have correct hand alignment, but I'm not 100% until Vive users have tested it.

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i dont Think so because its not compatible with vive or wmr yet

but when its out for vive then wmr players should still be able to play it 

from wmr user

can you play this on windows mixed reality

You can try injecting it with revive. When I have some time I can see if that works. 

Did it work?

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how do i update it?

did you update it :D

it isnt working for me? i see the screen on the computer and i hear it but it doesnt show anything on my vr headset and i cant move anything 

so the person that created this can you please fix

using wmr but i can play vive games no problem

I have same problem did you ever figure it out?

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